Rapha Gentlemen’s Race New England 2012

June 6, 2012

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The 2012 Rapha NE Gentlemen’s Race is complete.  A great time was had by all of the people I know that participated in the ride.  Here is a story from the Rapha site written by Ride Studio Cafe Team member Joy Stark.  It’s a great account – better than any words I could put together.

Rapha also put together a short film.  Makes me want to ride.

It was a challenging ride for many reasons.  One challenge that had a huge impact on the results was weather.  There was so much rain and thunder and lightning that many teams were redirected – and therefore did not completed the course.  Of the 27 teams that started the ride only 12 completed the course.  I’m gratified that the Ride Studio Cafe Racers took 7th place out of the original 27 teams.  The final results are:

  1. Upton Bass
  2. Strava
  3. Gage+DeSoto
  4. 9W
  5. Superannuated
  6. Bicycle Therapy
  7. Ride Studio Cafe
  8. Drummond Cycles
  9. Vice
  10. BSM
  11. BH/Comedy Central
  12. Kapelmuur Independent
  13. Rapha Continental
  14. Hup United
  15. Hasting Velo

I’ve included links to teams with which I, Seven, or the Studio have a direct connection.

Pre-Race Report

The Ride Studio Cafe Racer Team has been fortunate to be invited back to the Rapha New England Gentlemen’s Race again this year.

June 21 update:  Strava KOM details from Jay Robbins.  See below.

June 21 update:  Team shakeup with the Epic Avengers.  Last minute replacements that are looking very strong:  Patria Lanfranchi – Ride Studio Cafe’s Curator and Co-Owner, Rebecca Fetner – Studio Club Member, and Dena Cohen.  They are all rock starts for stepping up 36-hours before the start of the race!

June 21 update:  The course was changed a bit because of some road construction.

When:  Saturday, 23 June 2012 at 7am

Where:  Hanover, New Hampshire

What:  Bicycle race – 122 miles with 13,000 feet of climbing; 108 feet of climbing per mile.  60% dirt roads.

Here’s some highlights from various emails from Gerben at Rapha:

  • This is a 6-person team race where you are only as fast as your slowest person.
  • Hopefully the rain will be less frequent than it is currently so the roads will improve.
  • Around 60% of your time will be spent on dirt roads. Again,
  • It is an unsupported race. There is not a lot of phone reception, not a lot of country stores and some roads will be not be accessible by car.
  • You do not win on descents.  The descents on this course are curvy, steep, and are on a bad surface. Take it easy.

Here’s the final roster – with Matt Roy’s racer seeding notes as required by Rapha:

  1. Matt Roy:  Cat 3, endurance specialist, slow burner.
  2. David Wilcox: Cat 4, endurance specialist, calves speak for themselves.
  3. Jay Robbins: Cat 3, likes training more than racing.
  4. Oscar Jimenez: Cat 3, Ponch’s smile, John’s cunning.
  5. John Burkhardt: Cat 4, goes up hills well, goes down even harder.
  6. Dan Vaillancourt: Cat 1, might have bodies in his basement, can crush souls.

These are all members of the Ride Studio team – no ringers here.  Although, personally I’d call them all ringers for this race.

An excerpt from one of Matt Roy’s amazing emails that are helping the team prepare for the race:

From what I have ridden of the roads myself, as well as recent reports from others, the course is going to be nothing short of a douche.  We can expect ~120-130 mile ride with ~120′ of climbing per mile… with a mix of dirt and pavement.  The dirt sections command a lot of respect and the condition will be very much dependent on the weather leading up to it.

I’m not going to give away any of Matt’s preparedness secrets.  They are many and valuable.

Here are some details from Jay Robbins about the KOM prize:

The segment is 2.4 miles long, 6.6% average gradient.  835 ft total vertical.  Current fast time is 11:40, a VAM of 1308.  Note that the first 0.75 miles is at 3.5% average.  After that it’s 10%ish, so the climbers would be on their own.  Here’s the link to the Strava segment:  http://app.strava.com/segments/629973

A view of the 2012 New England Rapha Gentlemen’s Race | Photo: Rapha

Here’s a list of all the teams participating.  I hate to say that I don’t know all the teams.  Those I do know will make this race both fun and fast.  This is the final seeding from theoretically fastest to funnest:

  1. Upton Bass
  2. Strava
  3. Mad Alchemy
  4. Tall Tree Cycles
  5. Rapha Racing NYC
  6. Kapelmuur Independent
  7. Rapha Continental
  8. BH/Comedy Central
  9. BSM
  10. Drummond Cycles
  11. Bicycle Therapy
  12. Ride Studio Cafe
  13. Death Riders
  14. Epic Avengers
  15. Superannuated
  16. Team Awesome
  17. Gage + DeSoto
  18. Vice
  19. Rockstar/Signature
  20. Rapha Women Ambassadors
  21. Stampede
  22. 9W
  23. Geekhouse
  24. Woo Girls
  25. HUP United
  26. Hasting Velo
  27. Fforzza

Update:  June 20, 2012:  Three teams have already dropped out.

The Route:  I believe that Chris Milliman designed the course.  Curse him.   Dave Wilcox – Ride Studio Cafe Racer – talked with the designer of the route and it’s described as a “flat-factory.”  That’s awesome!

Random Notes:

  • The Twitter handle is #rgr.
  • Looks like the fastest three teams for seeding are Upton Bass, Strava, BH/Comedy Central, Mad Alchemy, and Tall Tree.
  • Starts near Hanover New Hampshire; about 130 miles from the Ride Studio Cafe.
  • June 20:  Course was modified due to construction. Here is the original course.

I’m also very fortunate that I’m involved with, and supporting, four teams in the race:

  1. The Ride Studio Cafe Endurance Team – the official RSC team entrant.
  2. The Epic Avengers – Good friends of the Ride Studio Cafe; some club members of the Studio; including two key members of the Studio Team.  Winners of last years G-Race – under the name 52 Vincents.  And they were on tandems.  Includes two Seven Cycles tandems!  John Bayley, Pamela Blalock, Patria Lanfranchi – the Studio’s Curator and Co-Owner, and Rebecca Fetner.
  3. The Rapha Women Ambassadors Team:  Includes two women from the Ride Studio Cafe Women’s Team:  Joy Stark and Lauren Kling.
  4. Woo Girls:  Kristina Donehew was invited to be on this team.  Kristina is on the Ride Studio Cafe Racers’ team, too.

A footnote:  Dave Chiu – one of the founding members of the Ride Studio Cafe Racers Team is now on the Superattuated team.  So, I’m with him in spirit.  A lot of Ride Studio Cafe in this G-Race.

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