Journal: The Sound of Calamity

June 4, 2012

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8:55 am – 9:20 pm     ||     Seven

  • Project:  Skip’s been working on improving – and proving – our frame jig accuracy.  We have three jigs and w;er ensuring that they all match, and that they are all correct.  I’ve got a bunch of photos to post.
  • Note:  Arrived late to work this morning.  Super tired from the weekend.
  • Project:  production tracking; working on improving tracking of labor hours per frame.  We’re doing really well and we’re looking at parsing hour tracking in some new ways.
  • Time Marker:  Dan P. is leaving Seven Cycles; he’s our shipper.  He and his wife are moving out of the area.
  • Development:  Working on a new production methodology – something that we’ve been working on for quite a while – that will have our framebuilders take on more of the overall process.  Framebuilding with a capital F.  Two builders per frame instead of three.  This is really cool.
  • Consulting:  Talked with Derek at Cornell about fatigue endurance’s relationship to bicycle frame stiffness degradation.  As, I’ve mentioned before:  no relationship.  Some of the points we discussed included:
    • Fatigue testing article from 25Seven – that’s how he found me
    • Material modulus does not change in any real world bicycle use
    • Bicycle frames are more often designed for impact resistance – yield and ultimate strength – rather than long-term fatigue cycling – real world usage
    • Steel frames rust internally and that effect on frame stiffness – often confused with frame “softness”
    • Aluminum doesn’t actually have a fatigue endurance so eventually, if you keep riding the bike, just like life, it will fail
  • Design:  Wrapping up the Studio Kit this week.  I’m way behind on completing it.
  • Event:  Geoff Martin took some really nice photos at the Studio’s 2nd anniversary surprise – a surprise for me – party.
  • Bike Design: Created a few posts about some old projects from the Merlin Metalworks days. Three related projects. Just a bit of information for the moment. More to come, later.
  • History: I was looking at this page today – scroll down.  Lots to say about it.  I’ll have to get back to this later.

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