Graphic Design: Ride Studio Cafe Winter Water Bottle – January 2014

January 3, 2014

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Super important:  New Studio water bottles!

RSC winter water bottle new and clean

As we are wont to do, we’ve updated the RSC bottle design.  This is a special winter bottle.  No, not insulated; why would you want that?  This limited edition bottle is winter specific because:

  1. We placed the graphics out of the way of grimy bottle cages.  We find the winter is particularly mean to bottles.  Salt and road grim chew bottles apart.  This bottle will remain sharp as can be in the winter.
  2. We made the bottles clear so you can see your ice to water ratio.  Or vodka to water ratio.
  3. It’s the largest bottle of which we know.  More water volume means slower freezing – maybe a minute or two.
  4. Soft rubber cap so it’s easy to unscrew, even while wearing lobster claw gloves.
  5. First fifty bottles come with an ice pick.  Ooops, we’re sold out of those already.

This is our fourth generation Studio bottle.  Previous versions are cool, too.

The final specs include:

  • PBA free food grade plastic; still easy to squeeze LDPE material.
  • The inside of the bottle is infused with special coating – used in food service and medical devices – that prevents odors, stains, and mold from attaching to the inner surface.
  • Drink valve that doesn’t require teeth to pull it or a hand to push it.  The valve  that won’t leak or drip when turned upside down.  Just squeeze the bottle and the drinking valve opens.
  • 26 ounce bottle – 2 ounces more than a typical ‘large’ bottle.
  • Price:  $12

Ride Rest Repeat winter water bottle detail

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