Water Bottle Ride Studio Cafe – Spring 2012

April 22, 2012

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This project slid into summer.  That’s okay; it’s not a critical path project.  I’m actually excited about this; bottles are usually difficult for me to get excited about.  This one will be is cool; it’s part of the new bottle world – non-PBA for starters.

The final specs include:

  • PBA free food grade plastic; still easy to squeeze LDPE material.
  • The inside of the bottle is infused with special coating – used in food service and medical devices – that prevents odors, stains, and mold from attaching to the inner surface.
  • New drink valve that doesn’t require teeth to pull it or a hand to push it.  The valve  that won’t leak or drip when turned upside down.  Just squeeze the bottle and the drinking valve opens.
  • You mean we actually have to design something?

    We’re offering two versions:  One in clear and one in dark silver.  The silver bottle has a 1 cm clear window – or stripe – down the side so you can see the bottle’s contents.

  • 26 ounce bottle – 2 ounces more than our old bottle.
  • Large screw cap – like our old bottle – good for ice and drink mix.  The cap also has a soft rubber surface so it’s easier to unscrew, even when wearing gloves.
  • New understated graphics that match our Studio Jersey Design.  The bottle has a contemporary sleek and simple design.
  • Price:  $12

Project Time Line in Reverse:

This is our third generation bottle. The second generation was a minor modification from the first printing. This third one is a big departure.

July 24  |  Bottles arrived!  They look good.  Great bottle design and the Studio graphics look good in the bottle cage and on the bike.  Already thinking about the next design.

June 19  |  Final design approved.  At printer now.

June 11  |  Final design.  I’m liking it.  Very simple compared to every other bottle design I’ve been looking at.  Going to printer today.  Hope to have them at the Ride Studio Cafe by the end of the month.

May 20  |  New bottle design confirmed.  PBA free.  Improved nozzle design.  More contemporary feel.  Better bottle overall.  Cost will be two times what the old bottle was but it will be worth it.

May 3  |   Looking at alternatives to the classic Specialized bottle that we’ve used since the beginning.  It’s a great bottle but it may be time to move on.  We won’t finalize the design until we’ve decided on the bottle.

April 22  |  We’re just about out of the original Studio Water Bottles.  Time for new ones and I’d like to do something entirely different.

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