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August 26, 2013

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Switchback Magazine interview for Seven Cycles

Ben Edwards of Switchback Magazine interviewed me for a Seven Cycles article.  We just received the magazine.  I am at a loss for words.  Ben was so flattering.  Here’s the intro:

“Boston was home to the most famous metal worker in American history, a silversmith named Paul Revere.  Fittingly, it’s also the home of a man who could be the most famous metal worker in cycling, Rob Vandermark.  We say “could” because his name will not appear on the down tube of your frame.”

Dang, that’s a packed three sentences.  First, it describes one of the most important aspects of Seven:  we are thirty-five people that all make Seven what it is.  Second, the paragraph gets at one of the primary reasons we chose the Boston area for Seven’s factory:  manufacturing history, capability, and lots of smart people.  Third, Ben refers to me as a man.

The most important passage, to me, is:

“[Seven] is a collective that starts with the original founders:  Vandermark, Jennifer Miller, Matt O’Keefe, and Lisa Rodier.  They came from Merlin together and have all helped create what Seven Cycles is today.  Many of the production staff are Merlin veterans and have been building frames for a lifetime.  Together they create highly engineered bicycles with a deeply intuitive and thoughtful process.  It requires dedication to not only craftsmanship, but communication and openness as well.”

Ben captured a lot of interesting thoughts about Seven; I’d like to recount some of them at some point – and expand upon them.  Someday.

Thanks Ben for helping share Seven’s story – and making it so compelling.  And thanks to John Lewis for making this interview happen.

This issue of Switchback is pretty amazing; a lot of interviews and articles – from all aspects of the cycling world – worth reading front to back.  I’m about 10% through the issue.  Awesome stuff!

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