Product Development: Honey Bikes Allroads 2014

August 23, 2013

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I’ve had this Honey Allroads bike on the production list since February of this year.  Pamela Blalock’s was the first production Allroads; I new as soon as I saw the first weld on her frame, that I needed an Allroads.  My intention was to get it built in time for D2R2.  Roger Cadman talked me into doing the Deerfield ride this year.  Hmmm.  With a bit of a push over the edge by Chip Baker.

A Honey Allroads would do the trick on the graveliest of rides.

Honey All Roads with Bee

The frame was completed on Friday at about noon.  Matt Roy completed a stellar PRO build by about 9pm.  The ride started at 8am on Saturday morning.

A 70-foot test ride for a 70-mile dirt road ride.  No kidding.  No mechanicals, no flat tires, no problems at all.  Perfect ride.  Perfect bike for the ride.

More details about this unusual bike later.

Honey Welding

More images after the jump.

Three Honeys for D2R2 2013

Honey All Roads with Clement X'PLOR MSO 32c tires and plenty of room to spare

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