Product Development: Honey Bikes All Roads

February 24, 2013

in Bike Design, Honey Bikes

The latest in the ever expanding Honey Bike Lineup.  I’m embarrassed to say that this idea was suggested by someone – I didn’t think of this.  I’m embarrassed because this bike is precisely the kind of riding I enjoy the most.

Honey All Roads brazing the details - photo - Rob Vandermark

The Honey All Roads bike is exactly what it is named after.  This bike is designed to ride on all road conditions – paved, broken, carriage trails, and even well worn single track.  Ever get the urge to ride into the that side trail you spot during a long ride? That’s what this bike is for.  The All Roads is a lot like a classic ‘Rando’ bike but with the ability to work well under harsher terrain scenarios.

More thoughts to arrive soon.  And photos.

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