Journal: A Tilt Switch Would Help

April 4, 2013

in Journal Notes

Carbon Fender Mount Prototype for Seven CyclesThursday location:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     3:50 am – 8:40 pm

  • Product Design:  Seven Cycles has just completed our first carbon fender mount system.  It’s a three part system.  We bond the parts onto the carbon fork legs and crown.  This photo is of a disc specific fork that’s also getting fender mounts.  We don’t have the production system in place yet.
  • Product Introduction:  Honey Bikes Winterando project bike debut tomorrow in preparation for the Diverged Ride.  It’s a cool bike!
  • Sleep Deprived Idea:  Staying upright is a challenge lately.  A tilt switch would help.  With a small detonator attached, maybe.
  • Words:  Some great thoughts from Velouria of Lovely Bicycle:  Bike Fit, How Does It Work?

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