Words: Bike Fit, How Does It Work

April 4, 2013

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Velouria's Seven - Lovely Bicycle - photo - Rob Vandermark

Velouria of Lovely Bicycle! wrote about her experience with bike fit.  It’s a great piece that’s – as always – worth reading.  Here are two excerpts:

“When I got the new bike, it fit differently than anything I had ridden previously, but I was left with no doubt it was the “right” fit for me. There was a sense of everything falling into place. My hands knew where the hoods were and plopped right down; my legs felt integrated with the cranks and pedals. I didn’t question any aspect of the positioning. Any other road bike I’ve ridden since, I try to adjust to the same specs. Depending on a bike’s size and geometry, it doesn’t always work – but the closer I can get it, the better it feels to ride.

“And by better, I don’t mean abstract notions of “position X will make me faster/ more comfortable than position Y.” Neither do I have a template in mind of what constitutes proper road fit or of what looks correct. Rather, I mean physically better – proven through personal experience to feel both more comfortable, more efficient and less fatiguing. I notice, for instance, that contrary to one popular narrative, my back hurts less with the handlebars set a bit lower. And contrary to another, my legs feel better with the saddle at a steeper, rather than a slacker angle over the bottom bracket. I don’t presume that the same holds true for every rider and for every style of riding, but I can’t ignore evidence of what works for me. No doubt in the future, my position on the bike will continue to evolve. At what point and in which direction I don’t know yet. But for now it might be safe to cut down the extra bit of steerer – affectionately referred to as the “sternum puncher” by some of my riding friends.

I’m glad to hear she’s having a good experience with her Seven and her fit.

Lovely rocks!

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