Words: The Art of Lattes

March 22, 2013

in Press, Ride Studio Cafe

Coffee rock star, Steven Lim, was just interviewed for the Minuteman.

Steven Lim Intent on Espresso

Steven Lim Intent on Espresso

It’s a great interview.  Here are a few excerpts.

Can you break down what it’s like being at the Latte Art World Championship?
It’s really intense. There are three every year – in Chicago, Seattle and New York – and the New York one is always the most extreme because there are so many people from all over the world participating.
The actual competition is a lot like those cooking competition shows you see on television. We are set up in a bracket and go head to head with other baristas and the winner advances, while the other one is out of the tournament.
Each round, the baristas have three minutes to make as many drinks as they want, but have to deliver their drink to the judges, and if you drop it or spill it, it doesn’t matter. You still have to get it to the chef.

It’s just as much about being a barista as it is being an artist.
How come you make the ride up here every Saturday instead of looking for a coffee shop located closer to you?
I’ve been with Ride for a year now, and I know pretty much everyone who comes in here.
Some special coffee places, which take coffee to an extreme level, sometimes forget about customer service. Ride Studio concentrates on two things: coffee and bikes. They take away any extreme feelings and make it more casual so someone can always have something to talk about in there. They can have a coffee, but it can still be a friendly experience.
Steve’s a technician, a researcher, and an artist.  Great work Steve!

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