Project: Espresso Cart with Steven Lim

July 25, 2012

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Steven Lim and his Machine

I’ve had the good fortune to work with Steven Lim on a espresso project that, up until November 5, 2012, had been not for public consumption.  Now that it’s public we can share some details.

The project is the perfect espresso cart.  Steven is too bright with too many ideas so I knew it would be something different.  He pulled this fantastic cart together for events and special projects.  I’ve been helping, barely, with some aspects of the project.  And Ride Studio Cafe has been a bit of a beta test for the cart.  You’ll see the cart at RSC from time to time, out at Studio Sul Postos sometimes, and at various events around Boston.

Steven shared the cart’s great espresso drinks at Seven Cycles – with fantastic results.

Beautifully finished detail by Dan Zimmerman

If you want to rent Steven’s cart – and his substantial espresso capabilities – contact him.  You won’t be disappointed.

Connect with Steven:


Project timeline in reverse:

It’s a bit challenging to talk about a project that’s top secret.  So, most of my posts have been useless regarding content details.  Oh well.

GS3 powered up and ready to go

November 5  |  Espresso Cart completed!  Steven Lim did final assembly today.  The machine looks great.  The term, “cart” seems a bit pedestrian for this unit.  Great carpentry by Dan Zimmerman.  It’ll be at the Ride Studio Cafe soon so come by and check it out.

November 1  |  Espresso Cart project with Steven L. is wrapping up.  We’ll see the shell on Monday.  Can’t wait.

October 4  |  Met with Steven L. and Dan Z. today about Steve’sespresso project.  It’s going to be a great product.  I can’t wait to see it in action.  The Ride Studio Cafe will get to use it.  I’ll divulge more info soon.  Hoping to have it wrapped up in in service by October 27 for a special Sul Posto project.  Stay tuned.

October 3  |  Pulled together my notes for Steven L.’s project on which I’m trying to help.  We’re meeting tomorrow to wrap up the design phase and start building this thing!

Espresso cart shell completed

September 24  |   Talked with Rebecca of George Howell today about a coffee project idea.  I have to finish Steve’s project first, then I can add another coffee project to the list.

September 21  |   Helping Steven with a mobile coffee project.  Still way behind – on my front – but catching up a bit.  Trying to coordinate people.

September 17  |  Trying to help Steven with a coffee project.  I’m super far behind on it.  So embarrassed.  Trying to make up for it soon.

Steven Lim and Sal Persico at Ride Studio Cafe

September 10  |  Trying to help Steven with his portable coffee project. I’m so useless when I’m under water.  Tomorrow is my self imposed deadline.

July 31, 2012  |   Trying to help Steven L. with a cool espresso project.  I’m trying to connect him with the right person(s).  I can’t wait to see this project in action.  He said that Ride Studio Cafe can borrow it!

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Steve Lim November 16, 2012 at 4:24 pm

Rob this is amazing! Didn’t realize you were documenting this project lol…thought you were just taking photos at random :):).

Rob November 16, 2012 at 4:34 pm

Steven: It’s been a blast to work on this with you. I know I got in the way more than I helped. I’m looking forward to you putting the cart through a good trial run at Seven next Wednesday!