Cafe Cart Visits Seven Cycles

November 21, 2012

in Coffee, Design, Events

We got to test Steven Lim’s new coffee cart at Seven Cycles this morning.  This was the first public event for Steven’s cart.  It was awesome.  Steven brought Sal Persico – who helped with the project – to be co-barista for the morning.  They made everything from simple espresso to mochas.  They used George Howell’s Alchemy espresso.  Perfect.

Everyone was definitely over-caffeinated for the rest of the day.

The test went off without a hitch.  Big success.  We can’t wait for the next cart visit – with Steven and Sal, too, of course.  You’ll be able to see the cart – and Steven and Sal – in action at the Ride Studio Cafe soon.  Stay tuned.

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