Journal: A Dramatic Increase When the Majority Numbered Three

February 11, 2013

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Monday location:  Seven  |  8:15 am – 7:25 pm

Winter Session Postponed

  • Time Marker:  Seven Winter Session not happening this week.  Apparently snow is a thing that prevents normal life for occurring.  The suppliers with which we’re working – Harvard Square Hotel, Bloc 11, and Diesel Cafe – have been very understanding and have rescheduled with Seven – without onerous cost incurrment.  We’ll see what happens once the plane ticket changes start piling up.
  • Press:  On a more positive note, Constance Winters of Lovely Bicycle posted a piece about Seven’s Cafe Racer.  Still one of my favorite bikes.

  • Time Marker:  While it was snowing today I saw geese flying north.  It was confusing to me, and I imagine it might have been a bit confusing to the geese.  We have two feet of snow, it’s snowing again – actually it was more like sleet, and geese are heading up to the colder weather.  I hope they know something I don’t.

Post title:  “Asch ( 1951 ) found that there was very tittle conformity when the majority consisted of one or two individuals, but there was a dramatic increase when the majority numbered three. Further increases in majority size above three did not result in increasing amounts of conformity. Asch believed that it was the perception of group consensus that results in conformity and that a majority of three is sufficient for this perception to arise; any increase in majority size above three would not be expected to have an impact.”  –  Culture and Conformity: A Meta-Analysis of Studies Using Asch’s (1952b, 1956) Line Judgment Task

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