Words: Silent and Speedy

February 11, 2013

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Constance Winters of Lovely Bicycle! does some work with bicycling.com; she just posted thoughts about one of my favorite bikes:  Seven’s Cafe Racer single-speed belt drive travel bike.  The bike’s description is a mouthful, but it’s one of the purest bikes on which I’ve ever worked.

Seven Cycles Cafe Racer Travel Bike - photo - Rob Vandermark

A few of her words from the review:

“the Café Racer […] commuter from Seven Cycles […] can give any road bike a ride for its money.  […]

“Picking up the bike is always a shock at first. I am simply not used to an upright city bike—flat pedals and all—weighing in at not quite 15 pounds. With my posture moderately leaned forward and my wrists in a position consistent with classic, swept-back handlebars, the Tiberius Commuter Bar allowed for steering control and ergonomic comfort. The dramatically sloping top tube provided a low step-over—convenient for mounting and dismounting in the skirt suit I was wearing.  […]

“The Café Racer took off unhesitatingly and handled like a road bike on which I happened to be more upright than usual. The ride quality has that “am I in still contact with the ground?” feel to it that I have experienced on other titanium bikes.  […]

I flew up and down hills I would hesitate to brave on most upright commuters.  It was tempting to forget myself and give in to the bike’s potential. Only the desire to look presentable for my next meeting made me hold back.

Thanks Constance for noticing the Cafe Racer!

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