Journal: A Point on Which the Soul May Fix Its Intellectual Eye

February 8, 2013

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Friday location:  Seven  |  7:45 am – 3:50 pm – home – 8:40 pm

Winter Session custom cap - snow flake 2013

  • Time Marker:  The government just told me I have to be off the road by 4pm or I’ll go to jail.   Time to go home.  Perfect timing because I’m – and Seven – am down to the wire for the Winter Session.  No need to work; actually, I can do this stuff at home.  So far we’ve got about 6″ of snow; not too bad.  Supposedly we’re getting 24″ before morning.
  • Bikes:  In preparation for the Seven Winter Session we’re pulling together some bikes as examples of the ways in which Seven can, and does, customize.  We felt that a good category of bikes that represents this is randonee and gravel road bikes.  We’ve pulled together a great range of them for Monday.  Here’s a post I made that includes most of the bikes Seven will have on display next week.

  • Clothing Design:  The custom winter caps for the Seven Winter Session arrived today.  They look hot.  I’d come to the session, just for the cap.  Three season with ear flaps; perfect for the snow today.
  • Sucker:  LinkedIn just told me, “You have one of the top 5% most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012.”  I’m wondering if they send that to everyone.

Post title:  “These reflections have dispelled the agitation with which I began my letter, and I feel my heart glow with an enthusiasm which elevates me to heaven, for nothing contributes so much to tranquillize the mind as a steady purpose–a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye. This expedition has been the favourite dream of my early years.”  –  Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

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