Twelve Unique Randonneur Bikes from Seven Cycles

December 30, 2012

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This is an unusual post but I wanted to put this information somewhere.  For a project on which I’m working I’m pulling together 12 cool randonneur bikes that Seven built recently.  It’s a bit of a Gravel Road Calendar.

GMDC 2013 - Three Sevens in the Sun - Natalia

Three Seven randonee bikes together
Image from video: Natalia Boltukhova

1.   Randonneur Traveler

  • Frameset:  Axiom SL with Seven Carbon mid-reach fork
  • Kit details:  S&S couplers; a custom mix of parts – optimized for 400k rando riding; 700c wheels with up to 28c tires.
  • Owner:  John B.
  • Why this bike?  This bike has ridden some of the toughest roads in the world – with aplomb.  Recently raced the Mount Washington Hill Climb.  Oh yeah, and threw in a good portion of the Dolomites, too.  This bike defines the toughest bike category.
  • What is unique about this bike?  Custom Seven titanium rack:  this rack folds up for easy traveling.
  • More information:  Photos.

John B's Seven Traveler Bike - photo - John Bayley

2.   Green Mountain Double Century

  • Frameset:  Axiom SL with Seven Carbon mid-reach fork
  • Kit details:  SRAM Red 2012 kit.  Custom wheels with generator hub.
  • Owner:  Matt R.
  • Why this bike?  This bike is built for speed.  Both light weight and durable, this bike takes its design cues from Matt Roy’s randonee philosophy.  Nothing extra on this bike.  And it’s definitely built for the long ride.
  • What is unique about this bike?  Pushing the limits of light weight 400k riding.
  • More information:  Video of this bike in action.

3.  Everyday Randonneur – Every Single Day

  • Frameset:  Axiom SL with custom steel disc fork
  • Kit details:  Rolhoff hub, disc brakes, belt drive, 700c x 33c tires
  • Owner:  Leon P.
  • Why this bike?  A very serious multi-use randonneur bike:  This is an extremely versatile bike – one of the most versatile we’ve built.  Internal gears from Rolhoff, belt drive, custom rear rack, this bike can do just about anything.  Leon even takes it on group club rides; he’s pretty fit and fast.
  • What is unique about this bike?  Just about everything, including
  • a custom Seven stainless steel rear rack

4.  Tinkerbell

  • Frameset:  Axiom SLX with Seven Carbon medium reach fork
  • Kit details:  S&S couplers; a custom mix of parts – optimized for riding in the US or Europe.
  • Owner:  Pamela B.
  • Why this bike?  This bike has mastered some of the most arduous climbs in the world – most recently in the Dolomites.  You’ll also see this bike on local roads just about every day, in any weather conditions.  This travel bike manages well on a plane, over dirt roads, and over the toughest peaks in Italy or Boston.
  • What is unique about this bike?  Pamela rode 17,000 miles in 2012 – most of those miles on this bike.  She lives on this bike and has altered and customized just about every component and accessory.
  • More information:  Lots of information and Photos.

5.  Randonee Project

  • Frameset:  Cafe Racer with Fat Chance style steel fork
  • Kit details:  Front rack and bag.  700c wheels with 28c tires.
  • Owner:  Neil D.
  • Why this bike?  Neil rides this bike everywhere – commuting, long road rides, and even some off-road jaunts.  A bit of a classic randonee design – perfect for 400k unsupported rides.

6.  Mudhoney Desert

  • Frameset:  Mudhoney SL
  • Kit details:  Shimano Ultegra with Pau’s Neo Retro brakes
  • Owner:  Mike S.
  • Why this bike?  This bike has lived as a cross race bike and a full-time randonneur bike.  This is a do-it-all bike
  • What is unique about this bike?  A paint scheme that no one else is likely to do.  A race bike that can also roll comfortably for 200k.

7.  Monster Cross

  • Frameset:  ? with steel fork
  • Kit details:  ?  front rack and bag.  2.3″ mountain 29er tires.  Disc brakes.
  • Owner:  Neil D.
  • Why this bike?  It’s a monster designed for off-road rando riding.  Popular event in New England.
  • What is unique about this bike?  ?  This bike can do anything.  Full on mountain trails and full on road randonee.  Change tires and you’re ready to go.  Low trail?

8.  Multi-Cross

  • Frameset:  Mudhoney SL with carbon fork
  • Kit details:  Race-ready performance parts all around
  • Owner:  Jason D.
  • Why this bike?  A bike worthy of cross racing and 200k – or longer – randonees
  • What is unique about this bike?  ?  It’s a worthy cross and rando bike.  More and more we’re seeing this type of mix.  And it works very well.  While Jason races this bike all season, the bike sees many more gravel road miles than cross miles.  And Jason and the bike have a blast on both types of ride.

9.  Utility Gravel

  • Frameset:  Axiom SL with Enve disc fork
  • Kit details:  Campagnolo mix
  • Owner:  Matt S.
  • Why this bike?  A very contemporary gravel road endurance bike.  Disc brakes mated with Campagnolo sets the stage for this study in contradictions – that work together very well.  This bike is fast and durable.  Quick and stable.  It’ll ride all day if you want – and is up for any town line sprint.

10.  Nella Neve Winter Rando Project Bike

  • Frameset:  Cafe Racer SL with steel fork
  • Kit details:  SRAM kit with hot-swappable handlebar system.
  • Owner:  Rob V.
  • Why this bike?  Riding in the worst icy weather
  • What is unique about this bike?  Hot swappable handlebar system to go from drop bar to flat bar in 60 seconds.  Plenty of room for 29er studded tires up to 2.5″ wide.

11.  Matt O. – Details on the way!

12.  Jake B. – Details on the way!

Seven Cycles built a lot of other randonneur bikes in 2012.  Maybe I’ll post another 12 later.  Of course, I can’t wait to see what randonneur bikes Seven works on in 2013.

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