Journal: You Are Not Part of Nothing

January 28, 2013

in Journal Notes

Turned to 11 - Leon's Rolhoff BikeMonday location:  Seven  |  7:35 am – 4:40 pm

  • Press:  Bicycling Magazine is about to post a bit about one of my favorite Sevens.  Stay tuned.
  • Business Development:  Working on the Seven Winter Session.  It’s coming along well.  Still too much to do but Joe and John are doing great with it.
  • Graphic Design:  Wrapping up the Ride Studio Cafe team clothing for 2013.  I’m only about a week behind on this; that might be a new record for lack of lateness – for me.
  • Time Marker:  My brother and sister-in-law are in town!  Translation:  No sleep for the next few days.

Post title:  A quote from Jon Iriberri during the International Cyclefit Symposium.

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