Journal: Obviously This Will Be Expressed Through Punching

January 8, 2013

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Tuesday location:  Seven  ||  7:20 am9:50 pm

  • Words from a Smart Person:  Constance mentioned the Tomorrow is Already Yesterday project today.  Flattered that she saw this.  It’s funny to me because she is so prolific – and provides continuously deep topics.  All I can do is account for the day; she’s actually providing content that is both helpful and interesting to people.  Embarrassed that I just saw this; yet another example of me always being behind.
  • Time Marker:  Just posted some Ride Studio partner supplier highlights from 2012.  Some good work that Patria and the Studio have done.  Excited to see what 2013 brings.
  • Bike Project:  Working with one of my favorite people on a Honey project.  Another speed project.  More soon – I hope.  A.C.
  • Business Management:  Sent our a check to our first investor today.  It’s a big deal.  Long time in coming.  It’s very gratifying to be paying him back for his years of support to Seven.

Photo source:  Kate Harris and Mel Yule

Post title:  “It goes back to the very first incarnation of The Avengers, it goes to The Ultimates, it goes to everything about it. It makes no sense, it’s ridiculous. There’s a thunder god, there’s a green “id” giant rage monster, there’s Captain America from the 40s, there’s Tony Stark who definitely doesn’t get along with anybody. Ultimately these people don’t belong together and the whole movie is about finding yourself from community. And finding that you not only belong together but you need each other, very much. Obviously this will be expressed through punching but it will be the heart of the film.”  –  Joss Whedon, director of The Avengers, about the film

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