Words: Today Is Not Yet Tomorrow

December 3, 2012

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Constance mentioned Tomorrow is Already Yesterday on her Not A Framebuilder Tumblr.  I’m flattered that she mentions this journal.

Her comments are funny to me because she is so prolific – and provides continuously deep topics.  All I can do is account for the day; she’s actually providing content that is both helpful and interesting to people.

Here are a few of the places her work lives:

Here’s what she writes:

Some time ago I discovered Rob Vandermark’s project blog. It goes back years and is maintained with surprising regularity. I am fascinated that someone as busy as he takes the time to jot down diary-style notes on a nearly everyday basis. I could never do a thing like that. Not because I am busier than Rob Vandermark, but because I don’t, and probably can’t keep track of things in that way. The day’s events blend and distort in my mind so quickly, that by the time I go to write them down they no longer reflect reality. I am aware of that just enough to feel weird about keeping a diary (never have), but not so aware as to be able to make anything interesting out of it.

I am not sure that I could ever accurately describe a project I am working on – what part of it I did on a given day, that sort of thing. Because when do these things really happen? While I am doing them? Or maybe beforehand, in my imagination? Afterward as I alter them in my memory? In my sleep, or when doing something completely unrelated? It’s like cloud computing, only with time/actions/thoughts.

This might explain why I am stirred by the Tomorrow is Already Yesterday title of RV’s blog. It is probably meant to represent his focus on innovation. But I process it a little too literally.

I don’t so much like to plan, as I like to vividly imagine future events. But these imaginings are flawed if the present is not fully attended to.

I mentioned to Constance that the blog name speaks to my endless capacity to be behind in what I hope to do.  I’m always behind; whether two days or two years.  Somehow it doesn’t stop me from always trying to do more.  I never learn.

Thank you Constance for your words and for providing great content to the bike world.

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