Journal: Discarded Like Vampire Teeth

December 20, 2012

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Thursday location:  Seven  ||  4:55 pm – 8:15 pm

  • Ride:  World’s End Ride in preparation for the end of the world tomorrow.  A great ride with Pamela Blalock and some of her friends today.  I’m hurting right now from having about five hours in the saddle; not so easy for me anymore.  It’s good training – or good warning – for the Festive 500 that starts next week.
  • Graphic Design:  Wrapping up the RSC winter t-shirt designs.  I have to do laundry soon so I hope these shirts are back from the printer quickly.  We have enough designs that I’ll be able to avoid laundry for another month or so.
  • Business Development:  Year-end is always an odd time for me.  A moment to reflect – not really – and a time to look forward.  And get the next five year plan on the board.  I love working on our five year plan.  And I love that it’s garbage within six months of developing the plan.  Well, maybe within a year it’s off track.  On the one hand planning is fluid; we want to make changes as we go; to be open to change and opportunity.  Being rigid is not particularly helpful in this very fast changing, global, and seasonal bike business.  But this is not an excuse to not plan.  We’ll be within a few percent of our very aggressive top line and bottom line goals this year.  Ahead on the later and a bit behind on the former.  And the way we achieved those goals is not precisely the way we began with our expectations.  Europe was a bit tougher than I expected.  Some of the product work I was hoping to accomplish I couldn’t get completed.  Some of the revenue generation plans didn’t come to fruition.  So, we found other opportunities.  Too many words to say about this.  More later – after the year begins and the latest five year plan comes off the rails.

  • Graphic Design:  The Rapha Seven long sleeve jersey is just about sold out.  It came out better than we expected; or, more accurately, the response has been even better than we expected.  I hope to do more with Rapha in 2013.

Post title:  From my World’s End photoset.

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