Graphic Design: Ride Studio Cafe T-Shirt Design, Winter 2012

August 14, 2012

in Clothing Design, Graphic Design

It’s always a lot more difficult to design a new design than one might think.  Certainly a lot more difficult that I ever think.  We started the winter shirt in August so that I’d be way ahead on the design, for once.

Update:  of course I didn’t get the design completed before the winter started.  Just barely late.  First run expected from the printer in mid-January.  We’re getting too many options:

  • Hoodys in men’s and women’s one color each
  • Long sleeve thermal in men’s and women’s one color each
  • Short sleeve in men’s and women’s two colors each

Timeline in reverse:

December 20  |  I have to do laundry soon so I hope these shirts are back from the printer quickly.  We have enough designs that I’ll be able to avoid laundry for another month or so.

December 18  |  We’ve finalized eight designs in all, in men’s and women’s, and hoodys, long sleeve, and short sleeve.  Many colors.  We’re waiting on quotes from the printer and answers to a few fabric questions.  We’re – meaning I’m – so picky.

December 3  |  The winter t-shirt design for Ride Studio Cafe is complete.  Going to print tomorrow.  I’m liking it.

August 14, 2012  |  Spent about 3-minutes on a new set of Ride Studio Cafe T-shirt designs.  Mmmm.




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