Journal: Outguess Me, Then I’d Double-Cross Them

December 17, 2012

in Journal Notes

Monday location:  Seven  |  8:10 am – 7:35 pm

  • Product Development:  On the Nella Neve we’re switching over to SRAM components from Shimano – so we can make the hot-swap work a lot faster.  I had high hopes for Shimano but it was not meant to be.  Everything will be switched over by year end.
  • Graphic Design:  Spent some time on the new head tube “badge” today.  Going to start Solidworks files soon and then a 3d print of some parts.  What?  Rob working with 3d printing?  What have you done with Rob?
  • Time Marker:  Seven holiday party for employees went down this evening.  It was a good one.
Post title and photo:  “I always wanted an audience to outguess me, then I’d double-cross them sometimes.”  – Buster Keaton

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