Project: Seven Cycles Head Tube Badge Design 2.0

February 10, 2012

in Design, Graphic Design, Present - Meaning Today

I’ve been thinking about a new head tube badge design since Seven’s seventh year.  Now that we’re past our fourteenth year I guess it’s time to get serious.

No, this is nothing like what the 2.0 head tube badge will look. I just like this sketch.

I’ve been working on this in the background for a while and I keep waiting for someone to come out with our idea before we do.  It’s nothing revolutionary – it is a head tube badge after-all – but it is a bit different.

Timeline in reverse:

Another sketch to throw off any thoughts of what we’re doing.

December 17  |  Spent some time on the new head tube “badge” today.  Going to start Solidworks files soon and then a 3d print of some parts.  What?  Rob working with 3d printing?  What have you done with Rob?

December 6, 2012  |  I’ve been working on Seven Cycles’ new head tube badge for about five years.  It’s that complicated.  No; it’s that not critical path for the business.  But, it’s finally back on the board.  I’m hoping to have prototypes done in January.  It’s going to be different from anything I’ve seen before.  At least, that’s the intent.

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