Journal: All Human Beings Are Packed Into One Small Dot In Mind Design Space

December 14, 2012

in Journal Notes

Friday location:  Seven  |  7:20 am – 10:35 pm

  • Interview:  Anne Mostue‘s WGBH radio piece aired this morning.  I was glad to be interviewed – and to be in the company of David Watson and Lisa Weissmann.  It was good to hear some positive thoughts about cycling and bike commuting and cycling in general.  We’re hearing good feedback about Anne’s segment.
  • Project Bike:  Commuter winter bike is now rideable.  Big ride tomorrow.  Working out a few bugs in the ‘hot swap’ bar system; right now it’s more like luke-warm swap.
  • Product Design:  Stylerius handlebar for the Nella Neve bike.  It’s done, installed, and already been ridden.  It’ll get a true test ride tomorrow morning.  In the rain, probably.
  • Business Development:  Patria and I worked out the latest generation of ride leadership – Super Domestiques – at Ride Studio Cafe.  Implementation begins this weekend as a beta-test for 2013.  I think it’s going to be really great.  You’ll have to visit the Studio – and lead a ride – to find out what we’re doing.

Post title:  “So what might an Artificial Intelligence do with nanotechnology? Feed the hungry? Heal the sick? Help us become smarter? Instantly wipe out the human species? Probably it depends on the specific makeup of the AI. See, human beings all have the same cognitive architecture. We all have a prefrontal cortex and limbic system and so on. If you imagine a space of all possible minds, then all human beings are packed into one small dot in mind design space.”  – Eliezer Yudkowsky

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