Product Design: Tiberius Bar = Stylerius Bar

December 11, 2012

in Product Design, Seen on my commute

Part of the Nella Neve bike Speed Project was to include a hot swappable handlebar setup:  one setup using a new generation Tiberius Bar and one setup using a classic drop bar.

For harsh weather I like drops but some people prefer more upright mountain style bars.  Hence the hot swap system.

Dan V. and I designed the bar.  People here are digging it.  It’s maiden voyage will be Friday night.

What makes this “Stylerius” – stylish Tiberius – bar different from the Tiberius bar?  The Stylerius:

  • is a straighter bar than most Tiberius –  more of an offroad or mixed use bar than a pure commuter or upright bar.
  • has multiple hand positions including a semi-aero
  • has plenty of space for multiple headlights, Garmin unit, and anything else you want mounted right in front of you
  • offers the ability to mount a brake or shift lever in front of the cross bar – hence the space where the two wings meet

Here are some photos of the bar setup.


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