Journal: Hammer Drew Sparks from a Nail

December 11, 2012

in Journal Notes

Tuesday location:  Studio  |  Seven     ||     9:00 am – 8:40 pm

  • Product Development:  Working on the internal wiring system for Seven’s new rando fork.  Not super happy with some of the compromises at the moment.  Still have time to come up with a better solution.  Skip – Seven’s electrical engineer, among many other things – is helping me today.
  • Events:  Worked on the 2013 Ride Studio Cafe calendar this evening.  About 40 events planned.  Not sure how that’s possible.  But they’re all so interesting and divergent.  And most are not repeats from 2012.  So much good riding to “do.”
  • Graphic Design:  The 2013 Seven Cycles Catalogue is just about complete.  No, not deja vu; the brochure and the catalogue are two separate items.  The catalogue is, in some ways, the opposite of the brochure.  Can’t wait to get one.
  • Product Design:  The CFG bike project is back on the docket.  I’m glad that it is.  Lots of work to complete by year end?

Post title:   “[…] there was something magic in those materials. Snapping the chalk line expelled electric blue nebula. A mishandled hammer drew sparks from a nail. I also remember watching copper piping engulfed in a propane halo emit lime green meteorites in all directions. These moments hover in my consciousness as visual echoes of the cosmos revealed to me then in steel, dust, and flame. If each picture is a puzzle the pieces formed that summer day.”  – Caleb Charland


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