Product Design: CFG Bike

May 23, 2012

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This is a private label project on which Seven Cycles is working.  Details are still under wraps.

This project is a perfect use for private label.  Seven has had only a few private label relationships over the years.

Project Timeline in Reverse:

July 17  |  Spent some time on this again today.  They continue to be patient.  A project to release this fall.  I think I’ve got all the design elements wrapped up.  Now working on documentation.

July 4  |  I’ve been dragging out this project for way too long.  The company really wants to make this happen and we’ve agreed to the basic premise, design, and pricing.  The hard part is now working out every single detail of the two designs.  It’s the tedious work of specification and clarification of every angle, tube wall, bend, and aesthetic of the frames.

June 13:  Sent off the final proposal.  Sent off the final proposal for a Seven Cycles private label Project: CFG.  I expect that we’ll start prototypes within the next week or so.  I believe this will be the largest private label project on which we’ve worked.

June 6:  Made good progress on the private label CFG-bike project today.  I think we’ve got a great design in two configurations.  Prototyping will begin in the next week.

June 3:  The project’s gotten more complicated and larger; mostly in good ways.  Looking at titanium and now steel, too.  I’m looking forward to completing the prototypes and getting feedback.  I’m working on design details and Jennifer M. and I are working through pricing.

May 25:  They want these bikes right away so we’re pushing this way up the list.  It’s going to be a variant on a bike we did a few years ago.

May 23, 2012:  Began discussions about a private label project.  This is with a company I have a lot of respect for; they’ve done some great work in the past and I think this will be an interesting and worthwhile project.  With one of my favorite companies that’s not located in the US.  Nothing large but it will be fun.  Sportif style bikes.  More to come.  John L. got the ball rolling with the company.


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