Seven Cycles Alumni: Maxwell Kullaway – Interview with The Bicycle Story

December 5, 2012

in History

Maxwell at Merlin Metalworks in 1996

The Bicycle Story interviewed Max Kullaway recently.   Matt O. just forwarded me the link.  Maxwell used to work at Seven Cycles, and before that at Merlin Metalworks.  In the interview Max mentioned his time at Seven and Merlin:

Seven got going in 1997 and a bunch of people from Merlin left to work there, including me. Seven is all custom, so it was a completely different set up for production [from Merlin]. It’s all single-piece flow. Still is. I learned a lot about production working there and got to do a lot more welding.  […]

I probably welded 2,000-3,000 Sevens, mostly titanium and some steel. I really got into the guts of frame building there.

Sounds like fun.  I’m glad Maxwell is doing some good framebuilding on the west coast.  Represent!

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