Journal: The True Sidereal Period Is Called A Stellar Day

December 5, 2012

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Wednesday location:  Seven  |  8:05 am – 8:15 pm

  • Engineering:  I had a conversation with a framebuilder about Asian sourced titanium today.  As with just about everything, there exists a stratification from best to worst – from excellent to mystery metal.  Unfortunately, my consistent experience is that titanium – whether frames or raw material – coming out of China is on the worst end of the scale; some isn’t terrible and a lot is terrible.  Taiwan isn’t much better.  Sources for both are getting better; we’re seeing improvements every season.  That’s why we do testing of materials every year or so.  I don’t like to generalize and follow stereotypes but my experience is my experience.  The irony is that the stereotype of ‘all titanium is good titanium’ is just plain wrong.  The best titanium is more than three times stronger, and with a three fold improvement in fatigue endurance, over the worst titaniums we’ve tested.  That can easily be the difference between a frame that fails in a year and a frame that lasts a lifetime.
  • Materials:  I’ve been slowly collecting some titanium notes.  It’s a mess right now but I’ll make it work better, bit by bit.  I have to keep track somehow.
  • Seven Alumni:  Maxwell Kullaway was interviewed recently; he mentions his time at Seven Cycles.
  • Project:  Working with Chip Baker on another HUP event.  If it’s anything like the work we’ve done before, it’s going to be a fun time.  I don’t get to work with Chip often enough.
  • Press:  Speaking of Chip, he mentioned, on VeloCB, Ride Studio Cafe the other day.

Post title:  Sidereal time

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