Press: The Ninth Day Of Christmas with VeloCB and Ride Studio Cafe

November 29, 2012

in Press

Just a few of the memorable Hup kits – on the Studio’s wall from the last Hup Exhibit

Chip Baker of VeloCB made a really nice mention of Ride Studio Cafe today.  Chip writes about the Twelve Days of CXMAS; he explains:

[…]  for me this CXMAS list will include those who stepped up and showed CX the love. I am not sure if I am on the naughty or nice list. I guess it depends on who you ask. I ride with passion. Its not always going to be nice…With no further ado here we go.

Chip is definitely on the Studio’s nice list!  Here’s what he says about the Studio:

On the Ninth day of CXMAS my true love bought for me a double cappuccino and a cheddar croissant at the Ride Studio Cafe.

The RSC has changed the whole culture of cycling in our neck of the woods. Hard to say what it is. Is it a bike shop that serves coffee or a cafe that has bikes? Is it a cycling club house or Haus of Style? It is all of that and more. And there is no better place to start a ride or end a ride than RSC.

Chip, thanks for including us this year, and for your kind words, and for being a good friend to the cycling community and the Studio.  I hope we make the list again next year!

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