Journal: If Not to Heaven, Then Hand In Hand to Hell

November 12, 2012

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Monday location:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     6:10 am – off – 3:10 pm – 9:20 pm

  • Field Trip:  Visited Tripyramid Structures today.  An amazing engineering firm.  Mentors of mine for more than 20-years.  I took a bunch of great photos and my camera tells me they don’t exist; angry.
  • Engineering:  Fatigue testing of some titanium materials at Seven Cycles continues.  The work is slow and sometimes tedious   But the results are some of the most important work that we can do.  Most results are predictable.  Some are not.  Working to track down some of the chemistry on a few test pieces.
  • Press:  Patrick Brady at Red Kit Prayer wrote a great piece about Shimano’s new Dura Ace 9000 kit.  The parts were hung on a Seven Cycles 622 SLX.  Good stuff.
  • Engineering:  titanium tubing sources.  Seven Cycles employs about 25 tube sizes in our frames.  It’s a lot to manage – particularly given that only two US mill make the material we use, and minimum quantities are typically about 1,000 feet, and lead times are well over one year.  We’re in the midst of our annual – sometimes more often – review of sizes to see if there’s anything we can do to optimize.
  • Ride Event:  Working on the Mary and Mike ride.  Lots to do.  Can’t wait to see them and ride.
  • Time Marker:  Veteran’s day.  Not a day off.

Post title:  Shakespeare’s Richard III

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