TriPyramid Structures

November 12, 2012

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I visited TriPyramid Structures today.  Tim Eliassen and Mike Mulhern are partners in this business.  They are also the only to engineering mentors I’ve ever had.  Both brilliant engineers, intelligent in many realms, and two of the nicest and most generous people one could ever meet.

I first worked with them around 1990.  Tim was a board member of Merlin Metalworks.  Mike was working with Tim – even back then.  I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for their thinking, mentoring, and endless positive support.

Their company, TriPyramid is really astounding.  I visited their factory and took a lot of great photos of the work they do.  Somehow, when I came home to download the images, my SD card was blank .  So, I got nothing but a bit of rage.  The work their doing is really impressive and I had photographic evidence.  I feel like I saw the lockness monster and I have no proof.  I’ll have to visit again and get some shots.  In the mean time, here are three examples of the kind of iconic work they do:

  • The Lourve Pyramid in France – photo above
  • The Apple 5th Avenue Cube – pictured below – along with nearly every other Apple architecture that includes glass and steel
  • The Apple store facade and staircase on Boylston St, Boston.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?

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