Journal: Use the Brake and the Throttle to Corner

November 5, 2012

in Journal Notes

Monday location:  Seven     ||     8:50 am – 8:20 pm

  • Business Development:  Met at Seven Cycles today about the possibility of buying out one of our two outside investors.  Exciting step for Seven.  lots of moving parts but it looks like we’re going to do this at year end.  This means we’ll have more than 95% of the shares held within the company.  Controlling our destiny for better or worse.
  • Graphic Design:  Finalizing the Seven Cycles winter wool jersey today.  Waiting on a quote.  The design is a bit unusual.  Posting images soon.
  • Project Support:  Espresso Cart completed!  Steven Lim did final assembly today.  The machine looks great.  The term, “cart” seems a bit pedestrian for this unit.  Great carpentry by Dan Zimmerman.  It’ll be at the Ride Studio Cafe soon so come by and check it out.
  • Quote:  Someone mentioned that I am a, “pretty nice guy.”  I concurred, “I am pretty nice, for an angry guy.”
  • Project:  Matt O. has been working on the Community Table For Ride Studio Cafe.  Using some re-purposed parts for the project.  It’s going to weight about 500 lbs.  And it’ll be great.  Just in time for the holidays.  Posting images soon.  Sure.

Post title:  “[…]  in situations where the car is being driven at the limit of the grip of its tires, the car cannot be turned via the steering wheel.  Instead, race drivers use the brake and the throttle to force a car round a corner.”

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