Journal: Gravitational Attraction of Unseen Companions

November 1, 2012

in Journal Notes

Thursday location:  Seven     ||     8:05 am – 7:45 pm – [FF Ride] – 10:15 pm – 11:40 pm

  • Industry Alteration:  Just heard this morning that Gary Smith is now CEO of Polartec.  Curious to see what this means for Independent Fabrication.  It’s another recent example of big shifts in ownership and leadership at companies of similar size to Seven Cycles.
  • Management:  I was talking with someone today about leadership and Seven Cycles.  Seven has been very fortunate, lucky, and focused in order avoid much of the downward trajectory of a lot of the high-end bike industry.  It seems that many companies focus on the “CEO” or “leader” or an individual.  But I don’t think it’s about one person.  I think it’s about the team of people.  No single person is strong in all realms.  A leader benefits from some strengths that are serous liabilities for running a profitable, growing, sustainable company.  A well matched team offsets, or at least balances, liabilities with strengths.  I think the cult of CEO Hero is garbage.  There are only a handful of examples where the CEO Hero can be defended.
  • Management:  I think we hired a new finisher at Seven Cycles today.  We’ll know next week.  I think that will be the last Seven hire through the end of the year.
  • Design:  Fall Five trophies:  made a prototype today.  It worked; good thing these aren’t products that will be ridden.
  • Product Consult:  Coffee Cart project with Steven L. is wrapping up.  We’ll see the shell on Monday.  Can’t wait.
  • Ride:  Rode Stage Four of the Fall Five this evening.  Couldn’t get the final stage out of the way.  I will do it first thing tomorrow morning.  Pre-dawn ride.  Yay.

Post title:  “Friedrich Bessel‘s precise measurements allowed him to notice deviations in the motions of Sirius and Procyon, which he deduced must be caused by the gravitational attraction of unseen companions. His announcement of Sirius’s “dark companion” in 1844 was the first correct claim of a previously unobserved companion by positional measurement, and eventually led to the discovery of Sirius B.”

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