Design: Fall Five Trophies

October 6, 2012

in Design

Initial concept sketches for the Fall Five trophies

Hey, it’s the speed project of the day.  For some reason I thought it’d be a great idea to make winner trophies for the Ride Studio Cafe’s Fall Five Solo Stage Race series.

People helping with this project:  Me, Tim D., Lily R., and Skip.

Of course, given that I don’t have enough time to do anything extracurricular right now, it sounds like a great idea to design and fabricate unique trophies.

Fall Five trophy study

It looks like I’m making six trophies:  top three men and top three women.

Cake walk.

Lots of fabrication photos after the jump.

Project timeline in reverse:

November 1  |  made a prototype today.  It worked; good thing these aren’t products that will be ridden.

October 31  |  Finally making progress on the Fall Five trophies.  Design complete. Fabrication beginning.

October 17  |  Running out of time on this.  I’ve got to start on fabrication right away if this is going to happen the way I’m hoping.  They’re going to be cool enough that it makes me want to get top three – of course that’s not going to happen but that’s okay.

October 11  |  I think I’ve got a concept figured out.  It’s base on the idea of the Fall Five logo.  But cooler.

October 6  |  I don’t want to do the usual type of trophy we’ve done before.  Skunk’s work is awesome but I want to mix ideas up a bit.

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