Journal: All Gambits Are Sound over the Board

October 29, 2012

in Journal Notes

I’m supposed to be riding stage two of the Fall Five right now. Hmmm.

Monday location:  Seven     ||     7:40 am – 7:50 pm

  • Time Marker:  Hurricane Sandy is altering time a bit.  Ride Studio Cafe was open from 7 am until about 3 pm.  Seven was technically closed today although about a dozen people came in.  Last to leave was around 3 pm.  It was very quiet at Seven today.  Got a lot done.
  • Fall Five Activity:
  • Production Management:  Working on wrapping up the month strong.  Of course, losing a day does not help.  One day is 5% of the total for the month.  It’s not simple to make up 5% in two days.
  • Graphic Design:  We got the Seven Cycles brochure proofs back from the printer.  It looks good.  I’m having misgivings about going with a ‘perfect-bound’ design rather than our more common ‘saddle-stitched.’  We’ll see how it plays.
  • Graphic Design:  Wrapping up the 2.0 mug design for Ride Studio Cafe.

Post title:  “In the laboratory the gambits all test unfavorably, but the old rule wears well, that all gambits are sound over the board.”  –  William Ewart Napier

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