Graphic Design: Coffee Mug 2.0 for Ride Studio Cafe

February 28, 2012

in Coffee, Graphic Design, Present - Meaning Today

The Ride Studio Cafe’s first mug rocked.  Now it’s time for something completely different.  Sal Persico had the idea for this second mug.  I’ve got to think up a graphic for Sal’s word content.  We’re not going with the same place that printed and sourced the first one.  Looking for more intricate, accurate, and detailed printing.

Timeline in reverse:

July 5  |  We think we’ve found the right printer – a local company – and mug design.  Very similar mug to the 365.  Sal is wrapping up the word content.  Hoping to place the order within the next two weeks!

May 20  |  Looked at six mug and printing samples.  None of them were good enough.  The search is on for more.  Chantal is managing this.

May 12  |  Waiting on technical content from Sal.  I loved his concept; execution will be the tricky part.

February 28  |  Time for another mug for the Studio.  We sold out of the 365 mug.

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