Journal: Not to Alienate Yesterday

October 25, 2012

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Only a few more espressos to go
photo – Rob Vandermark

Thursday location:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     7:55 am – 12:05 am on Friday

  • Note:  It finally has hit me why I’m posting in this format:  micro posts about what’s happening, almost hour by hour.  Reason:  that’s the way work gets done by me; I spend a few minutes on one project, have a meeting about some aspect of a project, sketch out ideas when I’m in the middle of something else.  Work interrupts work.  This is the reality of project based execution.  No project, on which I work, gets done in an orderly fashion – like a nice neat blog post, for example.  The work is messily disjointed, full of dead-ends  false starts, and backtracking.  I hope that explains why this journal is the way it is.  I’ve not seen any other blog set up this way – although I’m sure there are many.  It’s been bothering my that I’m posting this way but I finally now understand why.  It doesn’t solve anything but it helps clarify.
  • Ride Event:  Fall Five at Ride Studio Cafe – begins tomorrow.  Two more routes figured out.  That’s five in total.  Great routes.  It’s going to be a blast.  All five stages now posted:  Stage One starts tomorrow morning.  We have 25 people signed up already!
  • Project Development:  Patria and I have been working with the Harvard General Store on a project.  Well, really Patria is doing all the hard work on this.  More on this soon.  It’ll be cool and something I’ve not seen done before. It begins in November, next week.

Post title:  “The most common mistake – the one that kills more innovations than anything else – is the attempt to build too much reinsurance into the change, to cover your flank, not to alienate yesterday.”  – Peter Drucker, Managing the Non-Profit Organization, 1990

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