Fall Five Stage One: Prologue Time Trial

October 4, 2012

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Stage One Time Frame:  Race Stage One anytime between Friday, October 26 at 12:01 am and Saturday, October 27 at 11:59 pm

This is a classic individual prologue time trial:  short, fast, painful.  A chance to open your legs for the coming days.  Test your mettle.

They call this the “Race of Truth” for a reason.  Interestingly, all the stages of the Fall Five are races of truth because you have no team support and you can’t hide in the pack.  It’s all you.  This time trial sets the tone for the rest of the stages.  This short prologue stage is a chance to test your equipment, press your mental fortitude, and work out any kinks before the next four Truth Races.

Stage notes:

Course Notes:

  • Distance:  2.1 miles
  • Description:  This time trial is fairly straightforward:  out and back.  Lolly-pop turnaround.  The roads are really nicely paved.  There are many leaves on the course so be extra careful on the turnaround. It’s got an uphill finish.
  • Start line:  Heading west just as you come out from under the bridge.
  • Finish line:  After the climb, at Barrymeade Drive.  If in doubt, ride past that intersection.

Route GPS file:  http://ridewithgps.com/events/Fall-Five-Solo-Stage-Race

In-Race Competitions:

  • Town Line Sprints:  We have two town line sprints in this short prologue. Each town line sprint is 0.1 mile in length. The sprint is defined as the final 0.1 mile running up to the town line. The fastest time over that 0.1 mile is the winner of the town line sprint. We’re not giving prizes for every town line; we will be picking a few town lines at random at the end of the series so you won’t know what town lines are critical and which aren’t. You might want to go for all of them. The RideWithGPS.com route shows the town line sprints. However, your Garmin GPS unit will not show the town lines. Make mental notes of where the lines are before you head out on the race. Or, mark them in your Garmin file as a Point of Interest.
    • First Town Line: From Lexington crossing into Lincoln
    • Second Town Line: From Lincoln crossing back into Lexington. You’ll notice that this is the same town line, just going in the other direction.
  • Time Bonuses:  We’re providing one second time bonuses – up to a maximum of five seconds per stage – for each photograph you take and post on facebook, twitter, or email to us.  We’ll also be posting the best photo of each day on the Studio blog. Of course, all photos will be relevant to the Fall Five race. And no, we don’t want you taking photos while you’re racing. Only before or after.

Garmin Unit Notes:

  • Start your Garmin timer well before the stage’s starting point – at least 0.1 mile prior to the start line.
  • Make sure your Garmin is receiving a GPS signal before you start your race.
  • Make sure your timer is running.  RideWithGPS will only count your time from the start point, not before, so don’t worry about your cumulative time being longer than your race time. Unfortunately, if you start you timer late, it will not time correctly so you’ll receive the slowest time for the day.
  • RideWithGPS.com is clever so it’ll only track your rolling time. Obey traffic laws; stop at red lights, stop signs, and generally be careful. If you stop, RideWithGPS will stop your time. In other words you will not be penalized for stopping. However, if you’re rolling at 3 miles per hour the timer will be counting. Stop if you have to stop. Race when it’s time to race.

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