Journal: Forced to Use Dynamite to Dig His Grave

October 11, 2012

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Thursday location:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     7:20 am – 9:40 pm

  • Interview:  I was interviewed today at Seven Cycles for an upcoming project that I’ll post about once it’s live.  It was an unusual interview because it focused on Seven’s employees and bicycle riding.  A nice and unexpected change from the average.  I loke talking about Seven’s employees when the person with which I’m talking seems legitimately interested.
  • Exhibition:  Seven Cycles was invited to participate in an exhibit at the Bicycle Museum of America.  We’re excited to have been thought of.  We’re deciding which bike would be most appropriate.  Too many options.
  • Word of the day:  Dysphoria.  Thanks to L.R. for this.  I was surprised that I’d never heard this word before.  The opposite of euphoria.
  • Event:  This evening we had a great event at the Ride Studio Cafe.  Presented by Patria:  a clinic.  I learned a lot and I think everyone else did, too.  The Studio has more events like this coming up soon.
  • Note:  I have so much useless knowledge that’ll go to waste.

Post title from Jonathan Shackleton’s Shackleton:  an Irishman in Antarctica:  “The biologist Hanson died in the course of the Southern Cross expedition.  Hanson had become fascinated and enthralled by the behaviour of the penguins in Antarctica and had waited for their return to breed, before dying – with a penguin on his chest.  Such were the conditions that his colleagues were forced to use dynamite to dig his grave.”

I hope someone does this for my grave-site!

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