Event: Ride With GPS Clinic at Ride Studio Cafe

October 11, 2012

in Events

Patria of Ride Studio Cafe hosted a great event at RSC this evening.  Bob Wolf talked about ridewithgps.com:  how to get the most out of this very helpful program.   We also had Zack Ham – co-founder of Ride With GPS – live via video feed.  Zack was able to answer technical questions.  It was enlightening to have them both at the Studio.

As Patria wrote:

“RideWithGPS.com is the online treasury of all of the fantastic riding routes in New England and beyond. Every time someone comes to us interested in a route, we jump right on RideWithGPS.com and find just what the rider is looking for. Want to go off road to some of the hidden dirt paths in the area? Or maybe you want to ride a century without seeing much traffic. Or select a route with a particular level of difficulty. Or even create your own route from scratch.”

Ride With GPS allows you to do all this, and more.  I learned a lot.  Stay tuned because we’re working on some new features with Zack that are going to change the way the Studio leads rides and events.  More on that tomorrow.

Thank you so much to Patria, Bob, Zack, and the 30+ people that shared their experiences tonight.  We’ll see you at the next seminar – in November.  And at the next riding event – in two weeks!

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