Journal: The Laws Of Brobdingnag

October 5, 2012

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I’m guessing that these cups are from four happy customers.

Friday location:  Seven     ||     7:50 am – 7:10 pm – dinner – 11:50 pm

  • Product Review:  Cyclist Magazine reviews Seven Cycles 622 just hit.  Cool.
  • Product Development:  Back to working on the new low mount disc dropout design.  Details.  Details.  Stef is working on her Solidworks chops.
  • Question:  In a recent interview one of the questions I was asked was regarding titanium’s heyday:  when was it?  I don’t think I’ve ever had that question posed quite that way.  If heyday is considered the peak of the sales bell-curve, then I think that’d be in the mid 1990s.  Nearly 20-years ago.  But, ‘heyday’ is an interesting word.  I have a hard time feeling like the mid-nineties were the heyday.  Maybe it’s the word ‘heyday’ that I find odd.  If the heyday is, by definition, in the past, then everything is on a downward slide.  I don’t feel that about titanium.  More accurately stated about the mid-nineties:  I think that period kind of wrecked titanium.  Too many companies offering titanium bikes that were too cheap.  A bad idea.  It didn’t work out for the companies or the riders that bought those bikes.  The heyday of mass produced cheap titanium has come and gone.  The heyday of the best of what titanium can offer is still on the horizon.  Get ready.
  • Manufacturing:  Lots of good outcomes in Seven Cycles’ production system for the beginning of October.  Matt O. is managing some challenges.  I’m excited to be working on process again.  People and process.  Always interesting.
  • Note:  I’ve made it!  From an email I just received:  “It is my pleasure to inform you that you qualify for a 2012 membership to the National Association of Professional Women, the largest network of professional women in the United States!”  I’m curious about their list of qualifications; I don’t imagine I really qualify as, “professional.”

Post title:  Gulliver’s Travels.

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