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October 5, 2012

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I just received a copy of Cyclist Magazine’s inaugural issue.  And, in that issue is a a review of Seven Cycles’ newest bike design:  the 622.

Great review.  Great magazine.  Find one and buy it.

Here are a few quotes from the review:

There were moments on this Seven when I found myself pedaling hard but blissfully unaware of any specific points of contact with the bike.  It’s impossible to say it without it sounding cheesy, but it was at times like the bike had disappeared beneath me.  It’s not the only occasion I’ve felt this way, but it usually only happens on a bike that I’ve owned and spent months moulding to my own specific needs and dimensions. It’s rare to have one of those ‘moments’ on a test machine.

Its bikes are in many respects timeless, each one unique and standalone. The 622SLX is brand new for 2013 but you can rest assured that year-on-year your bike is not going to be superseded in the same way that happens with many mainstream brands. For many people, this timelessness is a big part of ownership, but in the case of Seven it’s likely to fall secondary to the special treatment each customer receives.

When the Seven 622SLX arrived in the office, a UK exclusive for Cyclist, we weren’t sure whether to ride it or frame it and hang it on the wall. It’s a thing of beauty. The titanium lugwork is a blend of functionality and art form, as if it has been draped around the carbon.

Ti is a notoriously tricky material to work with, so it’s all the more impressive how Seven’s engineers have teased the intricate designs into the lugs. Many a time riding this bike, head down with effort, I’d catch a glimpse of the ‘7’ machined out of the lug at the front of the top tube and (without wishing to sound unhinged) I grew fond of its position there. It’s just so pleasing to the eye.

It’s as much about being a cherished possession as it is about being a functional tool. The 622SLX is a purchase of the heart.

Thank you Cyclist Magazine!

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