Journal: An Economic Theory of Bike Crime

September 27, 2012

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Thursday location:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     7:25 am – 9:10 pm

  • Design:  Seven Cycles brochure:  working on final edits to the text.  Starting to eliminate orphans and widows; what a terrible set of editing terms.  We’re still working on a couple more photos.  About 80% of the layout is complete.  Looks like we’re going to print next Friday.  I’m going to start posting real images soon.
  • Graphic Design:  Membership packet for Ride Studio Cafe.  This is an ever evolving item.  We’re doing our bi-weekly reprint and assembly.  Assembling the kits is a lot of work – and worth it.
  • Product Design:  Working on the latest Limited Edition for Seven Cycles.  Acutally it’s two bikes.  Something a bit different.
  • Product Development:  Scratching at the disc brake cross fork itch again today – for Seven Cycles.  I’m very conflicted about this item.  Disc brakes on road bikes have lots of issues.  A good disc brake cross fork does not a good road fork make.
  • Design:  Ride Studio Cafe Racers’ year-end thank you item.  We’re wrapping up the prep work on this today; completing the work tomorrow.  Lily working on the Cafe Racers’ team gift.  Top secret until the team gets theirs.
  • Sales Management:  October
  • Time Marker:  Email count back up to 132.  What the…

Post title:  What Happens To Stolen Bicycles

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