Design Project: Membership Packet 2.0 for Ride Studio Cafe

February 2, 2012

in Graphic Design

The Ride Studio Cafe has a Club.  It’s a great club.  We want to have a membership application packet that speaks to how great is the club.

This is a tricky project.  The parameters include:

  • It is a takeaway item that includes all the information you want to know as a Club member
  • The packet has to fit in your jersey pocket – it is a cyclist’s club, after all
  • the packet has to contain two debit-style cards
  • The packet has to include the membership form
  • The packet and presentation has to represent the Studio in quality, style, and content
  • The packet is to be different than any other club membership packet

The original design fit in a Jewel case.  The 2.0 version is a wire-o mini packet about the size of a wallet.  The reason for the change was to fulfill the above requirements – primarily to make something that would fit in your jersey pocket.

  • Project:  Club Membership Packet for Ride Studio Cafe
  • Content:  Rob V.
  • Design: Rob V. and Skunk
  • Fabrication:  Rob V., Skunk, various people
Small projects are always a lot more work than planned.

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