Visit to George Howell Coffee Roastery

September 24, 2012

in Coffee

Today I was fortunate to take a brief excursion to visit George Howell Coffee.  I tagged along with the Ride Studio Cafe crew:  Patria, Ariela, and Drew.

George imparting his knowledge and wisdom | Photo: Rob Vandermark

It was a great visit.  Learned a lot.  Met a lot of GH’s great employees.  Met with George Howell and did some coffee tasting with him.  Such a gracious person.  And he has too much knowledge; I could have listened to his ideas all day.

We got to try nearly a dozen coffees, each one very unique.  We tried a couple brew methods, too.  George described subtleties I wouldn’t have tasted on my own.  He was very frank about what he liked and didn’t like.  It was a great learning experience.  We’ll have to go back a bunch of times so we can better understand all the work the George Howell Coffee is doing to offer the best coffee.

I have a connection with George from about 25-years ago.  I used to go to The Coffee Connection starting in 1987 – I believe that was my introduction – and for many years after that, until George sold the company.  The core of Merlin Metalworks – Time D., Matt O., Skip, and I would go there after dinner and before heading back to work.

Thanks to Janet Hoshino, Rebecca Fitzgerald, Scott Crispo, and the rest of the crew at George Howell.  I look forward to visiting again soon.  So much to learn.



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