Journal: Conflict Between Individual And Group Rationality

August 22, 2012

in Journal Notes

Wednesday Location:  Seven

Time Marker:  7:50 am – 10:35 pm

  • Design:  2013 brochure for Seven Cycles.  John L. has staged the 30+ articles we’re writing.  We’ve got 10 people from outside Seven writing pieces.  Coolness.  John is employing his magazine editing skills – at least some of them; he has many more publishing skills not yet employed; what we’re doing is a lot easier than what he used to have to do.  Photo-shoots scheduled.  Cover ideas worked out.  Layout tests about to happen – tomorrow.  First mock up made by end of this week.
  • Graphic Design:  Posters:  Re-shot the last of them.  We’re so picky.  Driving some people crazy.  Hoping to go to the printer on Friday.  “Hope in one hand…”
  • Job Candidates:  Patria is working through lots of candidates for three different jobs at Ride Studio Cafe.  So many applicants and candidates.
  • Time Marker:  My brother had his first Kickstarter funded.  Awesome!
  • Job Search Advice:  Don’t apply for a job from your iPhone.  Or, more precisely, don’t email a brief message indicating job interest with a signature that includes the words, “…from my iPhone.”  If you’re not sure why this is a poor decision, definitely don’t apply.

Post title:  Prisoner’s Dilemma

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