Journal: Hospitalised by a Christmas Tree Ornament

July 27, 2012

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Location Friday:  Seven  |  Studio     ||     7:55 am – 8:40 pm

  • Quote of the day:  “Seven rests perfectly at the intersection of handmade craft and NUMMI-esque efficiency. I find the way these ideals coexist at Seven truly interesting.”
  • Time Marker:  The Rapha NE Gentlemen’s Race short film is posted.   It makes me want to ride.  I noticed a few shots of the Ride Studio Cafe Team, the tandem team, and a some good friends on the Rapha women’s team.  Rapha did a great job with the film and ride summary.

  • Testing:  Fatigue testing titanium:  We’ve added annealed 3-2.5 titanium to the testing program.  The primary reason for this is that I’m concerned about the extent to which annealed material is making it’s way into bikes.  Annealed 3-2.5 titanium typically has a yield strength of about 70 ksi.  Only about 60% of the strength of cold worked stress relieved – CWSR – 3-3.5 ti.  Annealed material is kind of like building frames from 6061 aluminum or low grade 4130 steel.
  • Graphic Design:  Brochure 2013:  In full force.  High pace
  • Note:  Looking at a 1992 Bridgestone catalogue today.  Remember that?

Post title is from a great book review that doesn’t really have anything to do with Christmas.  Not for the squeamish.

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