Journal: No Other Life Except the One

June 29, 2012

in Journal Notes

Friday Location:  Seven     ||     8:20 am – 12:40 am the next morning

Honey Color Tests

  • Project:  Honey Bike colors.  We’ve finally confirmed the 2013 new colors:  Black Cherry and Twilight Blue.  I’ve got a bunch of other work going on Honey, too:  new colors, new kits, and a few new models.  A couple private label projects, too. And Ride Studio Cafe has a special edition in the works.  Get ready.
  • Project:  Seven’s lead-times are getting a bit long; we’re at 5-weeks for titanium bikes right now.  We’re super busy so it’s been challenging to keep up.  We’re working on a few ideas to help keep up without working a ton of overtime.  I’m hopeful we’ll be back to 3-4 weeks very quickly.
  • Project:  A6 Finish Testing:  Everything is hooked up – air, computer, etc. and ready for testing.  The first frame is also, finally, ready to go.  Starting the test today or Monday.
  • Project:  Century ride.  Wrapping up the last pieces of this deceptively complex event happening on Sunday at Ride Studio Cafe.
  • Time marker:  I feel like I got hit by a truck while I was sleeping.  A few more hours would have helped.  Maybe next week.
  • Quote:  “Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” – Anna Lappe

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