Journal: Entropy Took Over

June 20, 2012

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Wednesday Location:  Seven     ||     8:10 am – 9:35 pm

  • Project: 1″ Chainstays.  Seven Cycles has been designing frames with 1″ chain stays for a while.  We’ve been working on broadening the frame design options with our 1″ stays.  Today we iterated our road racing design.  These stays are more than 2x stiffer than our most common 7/8″ stays.  These are definitely not right for everyone.  But, on some applications they make a big difference.  We’ll be introducing a few more variants throughout the rest of the season.

    Seven Cycles’ latest 1″ chainstay design in production.

  • Project:  Fatigue Test Carbon.  We’ve just started a new round of carbon frame testing.  In this round we’re working on a few surface treatment idea.  I’m fairly confident that the results will be very positive.  We’re running a few rounds of full frame tests and we’ll evaluate bell curve fatigue comparisons.  Testing starts on Monday.
  • Project G Private Label:  Working on another new private label conversation. This one is a bit trickier than some of the others we’ve evaluated.
  • Ride:  Crazy 88:  wrapping up the final aspects of the Ride Studio Cafe’s latest organized ride.  It’s now two rides!  A century and a short 88-miler.  We’re doing this one a bit different.  Brevet style.  Now we’re looking for a sweeper van driver.
  • Project:  Fast Ice:   Next round of beta.  Almost presentable.  We’re working through a few aesthetic details but the concept seems to be working.  More next week.

Post title:  A redundant statement I recently made.

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